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Transcend provides clients with access to personalized, top-tier service, multiple options for third-party order execution software and more. In order to keep our commission costs competitively priced for the professional clients we serve, it is necessary for us to pass through some of the various costs we incur, a current list of which is found below*.

Account Fees
Exchange & Order Routing Fees
Fund Transfers
Inactivity Fees
Software Fees


Account Fees

Item Cost
Blue Sheet research request $25 / request
Broker-assisted order $25 / order
IRA closure $50 / plan
IRA annual custody $40 / plan
IRA Limited Partnerships $40 / position
Outgoing ACAT / Transfers $50 / transfer
Security reorganization $50 / CUSIP
Statements (electronic) No charge
Statements (paper) $5.00 / statement
Tax documents (electronic) No charge
Tax documents (paper) $5.00 / statement
Trade confirmations (electronic) No charge
Trade confirmations (paper) $2.50 / trade
Worthless security write-off $100 / security


Exchange & Order Routing Fees

Click here to view information regarding Transcend's order routing destinations and related fees.


Fund Transfers

Item Method Cost
Check delivery


Domestic overnight

International overnight

No charge



Pre-payment fee Check or wire $50 + interest
Wire delivery






Inactivity Fees**

Accounts that do not generate at least $30 in commissions over a rolling three month period will be charged a monthly inactivity fee of $30.

For example, take an account that opens on January 20th. No commissions are generated in January or February. In March, $15 in commissions are generated, and in April $10 in commissions are generated. On April 1, the account will be charged $30 since commissions totalled less than $30 over the full prior three months. If in April the account generates $6 in commissions it will have generated $31 in commissions over the full prior three months and will not be charged an inactivity fee on May 1.


Software Fees

Item Monthly Cost
RealTick Lite Please contact us for current pricing
RealTick Pro Please contact us for current pricing
Silexx Obsidian Please contact us for current pricing
Sterling Elite Please contact us for current pricing
Sterling Trader Please contact us for current pricing

Market data costs are extra unless stated otherwise; see exchange/data-provider website for up-to-date pricing. Feature add-ons offered by the software provider may incur additional costs not disclosed above.



Last updated 7/30/2013, effective 8/30/2013


* Updates to the list of fees made on the website are made on a best efforts basis, however all fees are subject to change without notice. This list may not include all the charges that may impact an account.

**Inactivity fees apply to all accounts, including those that are closed but that maintain any balance or positions. Accounts are grouped by the primary tax ID on file for the account in determining total commissions that pertain to waive-out levels; accounts without a tax ID are not grouped and are considered seperate for waive-out purposes. Fees and other charges are not applicable when determining the amount of commissions generated by an account. Accounts for GX Trader are subject to a $10 monthly inactivity fee instead of the regular fee.