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*Symbols and price and volume data shown here are for illustrative purposes only. RealTick graphics used with permission of Townsend Analytics, Ltd.©1986-2010 Townsend Analytics, Ltd.

Trading Platform Software

RealTick® is the trading platform used by active traders seeking to maximize trading opportunities. RealTick provides fast, comprehensive access to global exchanges and markets, across equities and options. Advanced single instrument, spreads and options trading functionality, combined with high performance reliable market data plus RealTick's ease of use and flexibility, enable traders to fully customize the platform to best suit individual trading styles and market specific requirements.

  • Global market data, news, graphics and analysis, plus full depth of book and real-time position, order and P+L blotters fully customizable for easy access and effective trading workflow;
  • Global markets, including equities and options are easily displayed and customized for real-time watch lists, with hundreds of fields of information available for market and instrument analysis;
  • Powerful charting analysis and comprehensive order entry tickets, combine with the display of an instrument's order and current position within a graph. Orders can be easily modified directly from the graph with advanced alerts and order triggers;
  • Advanced options features include real-time Greeks and dynamic spreads trading strategies.


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